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In 2008 and 2009 I spent 1.5 years studying Chinese at Tongji University in Shanghai. This is my way to China, these are my experiences in Shanghai.

I arrive in China on page 15.

Beta Update

Skype updated its version 2.0 beta for Linux but I still don’t see any profile pictures on my 64-bit system. :-(


Two lamps, three clocks, what’s next? Perhaps that tells me that it’s time to leave.

Mechanics for Business Economists

Beachten Sie, dass zur Lösung mancher Aufgaben die Durchführung einer Integration nötig sein kann.

Note, that it might be necessary to process an integration in order to solve some exercises.


For about a year I’ve been knowing that I would go to China. It has always been in the future. Months, weeks and now it’s only days. 10…9…


It’s fascinating again and again that there’s absolutely no smoke smell in clothes anymore. Not even after four hours in a bar. Wow.

This Time Next Week

I’ll be aboard Air China flight 962 on my way to Shanghai. I’ll have written two more exams, cleared the apartment I have been living in for the last three and a half years and hope I won’t have to sleep under a bridge when I will have arrived.

Speed Boost

Videos and documents of Computer Networks, LaTeX files, Gimp to edit the included images, a large map of Shanghai and Firefox with about 25 tabs (Shanghai Metro Map, apartments, …) were a bit too much for only one Gigabyte RAM. That problem had to be solved. And the owner of the computer store was right when he said he doesn’t sell memory without testing it. The first one we tried was incompatible with my ThinkPad.

But now it’s really, really fast… ok, back to work.


arte shows a Chinese movie. The fact that I don’t completely understand it might be more due to the plot than to the language. (It has subtitles but hardly any dialogs.)

Tick Tack

Nine hours until the exam Computer Networks starts… Then Investment and Financial Management in the evening and I’m ready to go. If only it was Monday.


“Dominik has no time to be excited about Shanghai.” That was on Wednesday. Now the exams are over and I’m going to move out tomorrow. Still not much time, but there is room for a little excitement.

Right Direction

Webware has an article about a change in facebook’s platform policy. It now forbids applications to force users to invite others in order to get to desired results. Bad luck, color app.

The next step should be the introduction of a minimum period of time between installation and the possibility to invite others. You wouldn’t recommend a book or a movie without having seen it or at least knowing more about it that just the title, would you?

I Need Sleep

05:56 am. I’ve been in Cham for about an hour. Three hours until the furniture has to be lugged to the third floor. Afterwards, I have to drive 150 km back to Freising to clean the apartment. And nothing’s packed yet. The things I planned to take along are much heavier than 20 kg and more than I can fit in my suitcase.

Twenty Kilograms

It’s a joke, and not a very good one. I don’t know how I should bring the most needed stuff if I am only allowed to take twenty kilograms. Why on earth did I decide to go to China? Why couldn’t I just stay here, keep the apartment, enjoy the semester break, …? Next week the lecture period will start at Tongji. The fun continues.

For the Record

I’m still alive but very sick. Details of the trip to Shanghai will follow.

No More Spam?

And it’s going on. facebook fights against spammy applications.