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February 22, 2024


I finished an essay about legal philosophy and am now writing one about civil law.


I continue to use Groove to stay focused. Drop me a line if you’re interested in an invitation.


With Backblaze putting 225 GB (!) of metadata on my machine I decided to switch to Kopia and a Hetzner Storage Box.


With time I’m getting more proficient using the Zettelkasten method.


I wrote an Obsidian extension to create Journal entries and am currently working on an iOS/macOS app.

I’m also re-reading Make and consider building in public.


I’m reading Build, Wool and Sputnik Sweetheart.

Latest movies are on Letterboxd.

What is a now page?
July 2023
FernUniversität in Hagen

Bachelor of Laws

After thirteen years I finally graduated from my for-fun studies.

Thesis: Digital Products – The Digital Content Directive and its implementation into the German civil code

June 2020

Owner & Director

Incorporated product and process management consultancy Mitado.

August 2019

Meaningful Discussions

Launched Ho Chi Minh City chapter of Meaningful Discussions hosting monthly meetups.

June 2019

Product and Beyond

Launched monthly Product Meetup.

June 2019
University of Social Sciences and Humanities

Basic Vietnamese

Mastered basic Vietnamese after four months of twenty hours of class per week.

November 2018

Moved to Vietnam

March 2018


Passed HSK 5, the second highest certification for Mandarin Chinese.

July 2017

Independent Consultant

Started working as an independent consultant, helping companies build products customers love.

December 2016

Lean Startup Machine Munich

Co-organized and mentored a weekend workshop teaching customer development.

Talk: Testing product ideas with a Concierge MVP

December 2015
str84wd Products

Product Management Consultant

Ran product management and customer development projects in telecommunication and payment industries.

July 2015

Senior Product Manager

In charge of the German and Chinese desktop and mobile webshop.

November 2012
Technische Unviersität München

Master of Science

In mechanical engineering & management with specialization in systematic product development, electronics and computer science.

Thesis: Analysis of the Product Development Processes of a Web Company Based on Mercateo

Project: Created distributed, context-sensitive web application for shared task management

May 2012

Product Manager

Managed the product portfolio targeted at strategic purchasers.

March 2012

GWT Bootstrap

Co-founded an open source project with 415 GitHub Stars.

April 2010
Technische Unviersität München

Bachelor of Science

In mechanical engineering with specialization in systematic product development.

Thesis: Web Applications in Product Development

June 2009
Tongji University

Intermediate Chinese

Mastered intermediate Chinese after one and a half years of 20 hours Chinese per week: Grammar, listening, reading, writing and business Chinese.

February 2008

Moved to Shanghai

November 2002

Member of the management. Co-founded the supporting non-profit organization Raumfahrer Net e. V. Developed two podcasts and produced 60+ episodes. Organized a series of talks by renowned lecturers.

September 2002

DELF 2e Degré

Passed the second diplôme d’études en langue française, certifying B2 level French.