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Product Management

Customer Development: Identified, approached and interviewed 40+ Indian mall operators, retailers and industry experts compiling a 65-page research report and facilitating the strategic decision regarding market entry.

Productization: Transformed a project to a product based organization defining standardized, combinable products out of the former project portfolio reducing complexity and decreasing the customer decision time from months to weeks/days.

Continuous Experimentation: Introduced a test-driven way of product development, running multiple experiments such as customer interviews, Concierge MVPs and landing pages per week.

Contracts: Created 10+ product service descriptions in close cooperation with the legal department.

Compliance: Led team of operations, customer service, legal and IT setting up organizational and technical measures to ensure data protection (GDPR) compliance avoiding shutdown or considerable fines.

Requirements Engineering: Analyzed the call scenarios of 3+ million cellphone customers before and during a migration and wrote specifications for the target system with an implementation budget of 2+ million Euro.

Organizational Productivity

Revenue: Optimized the release processes of a network operator minimizing release downtimes with revenue loss by 65 percent.

Customer Acquisition: Improved internal processes to lower customer acquisition time and cost.

Goal Setting & Focus: Introduced Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) having the whole company rally behind one common goal, measured by clearly defined key results. Made sure the weekly alignment meetings focus on initiatives that move the needle.

Roles & Responsibilities: Defined Holacracy-inspired roles to clarify accountabilities inside the product team.

Product & Software Development: Introduced Shape up to cut feedback cycle time in half.

Tooling: Set up an easy to use knowledge and database system to speed up onboarding and daily operation.

Mentoring & Coaching: Coached 30+ startup teams and mentored corporate product managers and CEOs on a one-on-one basis and in group workshops.

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Dominik is one of the rare product managers really putting the product and its usefulness from a customer perspective in the center. His excellent technical capabilities made working together a great pleasure. Discussions with Dominik were highly productive and pushed us to better solutions.
Former Mercateo CTO Martin Wagner

Dominik quickly grasps the situation the company is in and derives what needs to be done to help the company grow. He applies his knowledge and experience to help find customer pain points, validate them and find solutions to these problems. He is very observant and efficient in bringing up ideas for problem solution both within the company and on the customer-side.

Aspiring to work in a structured, organized and focused manner Dominik teaches others the advantages of such work. He is easily approachable and very much eager to help each colleague whenever and whatever is needed. He is extremely open to sharing his knowledge and experience in a way that other people can easily understand and apply.