I need sleep

05:56 am. I’ve been in Cham for about an hour. Three hours until the furniture has to be lugged to the third floor. Afterwards, I have to drive 150 km back to Freising to clean the apartment. And nothing’s packed yet. The things I planned to take along are much heavier than 20 kg and more than I can fit in my suitcase.

First snowflakes

First snowflakes were spotted in Cham. It’s high time to install my winter tires before I won’t be able to drive home anymore. So I’ll most likely miss the Lange Nacht der Museen (Long Night of Museums) tomorrow. :-(


Because the computer here in Cham is almost seven years old and not the fastest one, I gave Xfce a try. There are still some problems with the panel, especially the task bar which only shows question marks instead of the window titles. So at home, I’ll stick to GNOME but Xfce is really speedy and probably the best desktop environment for this machine.

Photos and libraries

I should be in Cham by now as taking pictures for the family album is more important than two exams next week… Anyway, I’ll head for the University Library first, the TribüHne second and finally the State Library. I can still drive home when it closes at midnight. Positive side-effect: There won’t be any trucks on the roads.