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I Am No Color

When will facebook finally disable the possibility to “invite” others to use applications, to obtrude your (still) friends with total rubish. Today, a friend talked me into installing “What Color Are You?”. As usual, I didn’t let it put anything in profile, menu, etc. and nope, I do not want to invite up to 20 friends per day (!).

Next page, nine multiple choice questions. Yes I would like to live in a New York Penthouse and I have no idea what I would do if I saw a friend of mine cheating on his or her boy- or girlfriend. As you see, talking is not an option:

  • Walk away and pretend it never happened
  • Stop it right away and tell their boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Stop it right away and forget about it
  • Blackmail them for life
  • Join in the fun!

Eagerly, I clicked on the “What color are you?” button. But: No color. More friends:

Color invitation

I don’t know why there is a “Skip” button. In fact it doesn’t fulfill any function. You cannot be a color without spamming anyone. I rather be colorless. Application removed.