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Tick Tack

Nine hours until the exam Computer Networks starts… Then Investment and Financial Management in the evening and I’m ready to go. If only it was Monday.

Mechanics for Business Economists

Beachten Sie, dass zur Lösung mancher Aufgaben die Durchführung einer Integration nötig sein kann.

Note, that it might be necessary to process an integration in order to solve some exercises.

16 Days

One exam next Thursday, two more the Friday after next, then two days to clear out the apartment and I’ll be gone. Is there any time for a farewell party?

Graduate Program

I just learned that I’m only applying for the School of Economics and Management which is completely independent from the one of Mechanical Engineering. In order to be admitted to the graduate program I need to provide information about the management not the engineering courses I’ve heard here.

I only finished one of four yet and will write two more exams before I leave. The last one will take place after my departure. According to Tongji the worst thing that can happen is that they’ll put me in the undergraduate program, so they’ll not reject me. Good. My landlady already found a next tenant.

Starting Next Week

Stood up at 6:30, drove 40 kilometers (including traffic jam), found the auditorium at 8:10 and discovered that the business economists prefer to start their lecture next week. 🙄