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R. Pausch

On May 18, 2008, Randy Pausch spoke to the graduates of Carnegie Mellon:

The professor, famous for his Last Lecture, died on July 25, 2008.

How to Become a Movie Star


I think I forget something. Some of my friends are major in director (making films) and they need a foreign actor.I think you are the best for the role!Are you willing to come and help them with the short film?


A: One day a foreigner received a postcard from his friend and told him to find some treasure in the old cinemas

So he visited these cinemas and know many different stories but didn’t find any treasure, finally he found the really treasure was this trip

B: but you don’t tell me that I am that foreigner, right?

I just play someone who says “hello” or something and that’s it

A: of cours ure the foreigner

B: aaaaaah

but I am a very, very, very bad actor

A: They’ll tell you how to act, take it easy


A: actually it will be on the TV

B: whaaaat?

which tv?






A: Shanghai Educational Channel

B: na halleluja

I’m B…

Accordingly Outraged

More fun with the the students council:

Bei dem heutigen Gastvortrag (08.30 Uhr - 10.00 Uhr in MW0001) von Herrn Goetzeler von OSRAM wurde ein schwarzes Kästchen als Anschauungsobjekt einer neuen LED-Technik im Publikum herumgereicht. Dieses ist nun verschwunden. Der Referent und Prof. Wildemann sind dementsprechend empört.

At today’s guest lecture (08.30 am - 10.00 am in MW0001) of Mr. Goetzeler from OSRAM, a small black box was handed round the audience as an example of a new LED technique. This is now missing. The speaker and Prof. Wildemann are accordingly outraged.

Still Want to Study Here?

A Tongji representative wrote me an email telling me that she had found out I wanted to study at their university this spring semester. She wanted to know if I still intend to do it. In this case I should mail them the attached forms. There were no forms, and I already applied in December. The documents which I hope contain the admission haven’t arrived yet. How long can it take a letter to get from Munich to Freising?

Sorcerers' Stove

I really thought it wasn’t even possible for our cafeteria to mess up gnocchi with tomato sauce. Mistake. They burned the sauce.

Without Changes

The students council wrote some weeks ago:

Die Anleitung für das Erstellen des persönlichen Stundenplans zum Hauptstudium wurde überarbeitet und verbessert, jedoch ohne Änderungen.

The manual about creating a personal schedule for the advanced studies has been revised and improved, without changes.

No Need to Go?

The cafeteria was overrun with Asian students today. I’ve been studying for three years now but I can’t remember having ever seen that much of them at one place before.

Cocktail Course

I was about to leave university when I heard some some noise and noticed a crowd busy with bottles and glasses. It turned out to be the cocktail course for the upcoming freshmen party. I was offered two free drinks and, as a driver, finally ended up with a tasty nonalcoholic one.

Not Abroad

An exam is scheduled for February 25th, five days after the projected start of the semester in China. The professor offered to send it to China so that I could write it there, supervised by a member of Tongji. Sounded like a great idea, but TUM won’t allow it.

Streamed Maths

A new episode of Where’s my lecture? Today I found out that they had changed room and time on short notice so that they could stream freshmen maths in our intended lecture hall.

Starting Next Week

Stood up at 6:30, drove 40 kilometers (including traffic jam), found the auditorium at 8:10 and discovered that the business economists prefer to start their lecture next week. 🙄


Lunch was anything but delicious. I refused to eat it up. Others seemed to agree as my plate wasn’t the only one returned half full.

Until now the food has been quite good at the beginning of each academic year and got worse in the course of time. Seems to be no longer valid. We can only hope it’s the other way round now.

Parking Space

First day of the new semester, over a thousand freshmen and I had no problem getting a parking space. Wow.

Not Allowed

Comment of a physics tutor when I picked up his colleague for a coffee break:

“You are not allowed to be here."

The good man doesn’t know that this was neither the first nor the last time I’ve been there.

Lego for the Cognitive Factory

I just returned from an experiment where I got paid for playing with LEGO Technic. Kind of reminded me of how I spent huge parts of my early christmas holidays… However, the thing today had a serious background: A psychology student wants to find the best way of presenting information to untrained workers. That’ll help to enhance the cognitive factory, another project of the CoTeSys cluster of excellence.