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I Need Sleep

05:56 am. I’ve been in Cham for about an hour. Three hours until the furniture has to be lugged to the third floor. Afterwards, I have to drive 150 km back to Freising to clean the apartment. And nothing’s packed yet. The things I planned to take along are much heavier than 20 kg and more than I can fit in my suitcase.

Speed Boost

Videos and documents of Computer Networks, LaTeX files, Gimp to edit the included images, a large map of Shanghai and Firefox with about 25 tabs (Shanghai Metro Map, apartments, …) were a bit too much for only one Gigabyte RAM. That problem had to be solved. And the owner of the computer store was right when he said he doesn’t sell memory without testing it. The first one we tried was incompatible with my ThinkPad.

But now it’s really, really fast… ok, back to work.

Still Want to Study Here?

A Tongji representative wrote me an email telling me that she had found out I wanted to study at their university this spring semester. She wanted to know if I still intend to do it. In this case I should mail them the attached forms. There were no forms, and I already applied in December. The documents which I hope contain the admission haven’t arrived yet. How long can it take a letter to get from Munich to Freising?

Impressions Back Home

Freising Cathedral

I’ll post some of the over 1.400 pictures I took in Sweden soon.

Leaving Sweden


Another view of Lappis


Previously mentioned Grillkrydderi

Fried noodles with Grillkrydderi

And the fried noodles I’d usually make with onions, basil, oregano and thyme. But if Grillkrydderi is the only thing available… ;-)


Last combined breakfast and lunch with fried noodles, Kanelbullar, bread and margarine. That was one-week vegan’s first day back in his old life and the first time in Sweden that we could eat Kanelbulle together.

On the way to Universitetet

On the way to Universitetet


Nice light

Flygbussarna terminal

Flygbussarna terminal

Check-in at Stockholm-Skavsta Airport

Check-in at Stockholm-Skavsta Airport

Boeing 737-800, Ryanair

Our plane arrived too late so we had to wait for an hour. The pilot was quite funny, he appologized and assured: “We’ll have you down there as soon as possible.” Then he asked everyone to be seated as soon as possible because: “We have to be airborne in ten minutes.” He didn’t even stop at the beginning of the rollway, just drove around the corner, speeded up and took off.

Weapon aboard

They take away all the nail scissors but sell canned peanuts with these sharp tops. I’d rather be threatened with the scissors.

Frozen car

Frozen car

Burger King vs. Gusticus

Burger King vs. Gusticus. Why is the first one closed at half past midnight?

Fried potatoes

Fried potatoes

Finally home

Finally home

Ready to Go

TripIt found out that we’re going to fly aboard a Boeing 737-800, Google got the route and I made a reservation for a parking lot so everything’s prepared for our trip to Stockholm.

Freising - Frankfurt/Hahn

(Image: Google Maps, Map data ©2007 Tele Atlas)

Last Winter

Two shots of what’s most likely to be my last winter in Freising.


Here and There

The ground’s frozen and the snow stays. And they’re having T-shirt weather in Shanghai…

Volksfest Freising

Volksfest Freising

Late summer at the Volksfest in Freising, earlier this month.

Two Americans, One Hookah and the Lack of Time

  1. Only cool people fly from the USA to Germany for one weekend.
  2. It’s even cooler if they only do it because they want to write an exam here.
  3. Wales has a national football team, Bavaria does not.
  4. The tin foil in a Hookah must not touch the tobacco.
  5. There are mint flavored Hookahs.
  6. The first subway from StuSta leaves at 04:18.
  7. The Allianz Arena is lit up at that time.
  8. There are in fact people who are willing to come to the Volksfest in Freising.
  9. Americans speak better English than I do.
  10. Foreigners are not allowed to teach children under eight years in Taiwan.
  11. 05:16 is either very late or very early.