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Impressions Back Home

Freising Cathedral

I’ll post some of the over 1.400 pictures I took in Sweden soon.

Picture China

Joachim Müller of Chinesisch Lernen discovered a nice web site about China:

Picture China is a photographic journey through contemporary China. From the teeming metropolises of the east coast to the rural villages of the interior to the lofty Tibetan plateau, New York City based photographer Dan Eckstein traveled 10,000km over the course of eight weeks to document this rapidly changing country. The result is a unique portrait of life in modern China and the issues that its people face.

(Quote: Picture China)

Photos and Libraries

I should be in Cham by now as taking pictures for the family album is more important than two exams next week… Anyway, I’ll head for the University Library first, the TribüHne second and finally the State Library. I can still drive home when it closes at midnight. Positive side-effect: There won’t be any trucks on the roads.

Photo Marathon

A friend wants to see all my images. There are about 8.000 in my flickr account. Right now we’re on page 363 of 444. We should be done in about an hour… or two… or more…