Free breasts

A Swedish feminist group called “Bara Bröst” (“bare breasts” or “just breasts”) chalked up their first success for the right to bath topless in swimming pools. According to The Local, the employees of a pool in northern Sweden decided not to act if women tried to bath semi-naked. There’s also an older, more detailed article about the group.

German news site Spiegel Online summarizes the comments asking why feminists have been fighting for a ban on pictures of naked women in the past.

Swedish ads

Is it because of this blog or why do I get Swedish facebook ads now?

Swedish Facebook Ads

À propos ads. I don’t know if it’s the same in Germany, it never caught my eye, but Stockholm seems to be flooded with the same couple of ads over and over. Some popular examples:

Ads in the Stockholm Metro
Ads in the Stockholm Metro
Ads in the Stockholm Metro
Ads in the Stockholm Metro

That’s one I’ve only seen once. Looks like a Swedish version of the “Musikantenstadl”.

Impressions back home

Freising Cathedral

I’ll post some of the over 1.400 pictures I took in Sweden soon.

Leaving Sweden


Another view of Lappis


Previously mentioned Grillkrydderi

Fried noodles with Grillkrydderi

And the fried noodles I’d usually make with onions, basil, oregano and thyme. But if Grillkrydderi is the only thing available… ;-)


Last combined breakfast and lunch with fried noodles, Kanelbullar, bread and margarine. That was one-week vegan’s first day back in his old life and the first time in Sweden that we could eat Kanelbulle together.

On the way to Universitetet

On the way to Universitetet


Nice light

Flygbussarna terminal

Flygbussarna terminal

Check-in at Stockholm-Skavsta Airport

Check-in at Stockholm-Skavsta Airport

Boeing 737-800, Ryanair

Our plane arrived too late so we had to wait for an hour. The pilot was quite funny, he appologized and assured: “We’ll have you down there as soon as possible.” Then he asked everyone to be seated as soon as possible because: “We have to be airborne in ten minutes.” He didn’t even stop at the beginning of the rollway, just drove around the corner, speeded up and took off.

Weapon aboard

They take away all the nail scissors but sell canned peanuts with these sharp tops. I’d rather be threatened with the scissors.

Frozen car

Frozen car

Burger King vs. Gusticus

Burger King vs. Gusticus. Why is the first one closed at half past midnight?

Fried potatoes

Fried potatoes

Finally home

Finally home

Temporarily leaving Stockholm



Mind the gap

This display in the Stockholm Metro says you should mind the gap between train and platform. I couldn’t take a picture of the one saying you should pull the emergency brake in case of an accident. But why would you do this if the train won’t stop.


Drottningholm Palace

Kina Slott

Kina Slott

M/S Mariella

M/S Mariella in Stockholm

Pasta aboard M/S Marella

Pasta aboard M/S Mariella. Our vegan refused to eat it because it contained cream. One-week vegan removed all the cheese and started eating before we knew about the cream.

Food aboard M/S Mariella

What the vegan got instead. Not healthier but the poor little milk animal didn’t have to die for it. ;-)

Stockholm, day two

Closed Lidl in Stockholm.

Lidl, closed again.

Pastry at 7-Eleven

Pastry at 7-Eleven. The famous Kanelbullar are on the left side.

Bananas in a Swedish shop

All the little shops seem to sell bananas.

Noodles with Feta

Noodles with feta. My fellow travellers, a vegan and a one-week vegan, preferred to order it without cheese.

Sergels Torg at night

Sergels Torg at Night. I have yet to see Stockhom when it’s not dark…

How to use emergency breaks in the Stockholm Metro

How to use the emergency brakes in the Stockholm Metro. The question is: Why do you need an emergency break if it doesn’t stop the train?

Escalators with displays

The same Swedish escalators, but this time the displays show more information. I couldn’t take a picture of the one saying it didn’t work but a technician was on its way.

How to use an escalator

How to use an escalator.

2007 ends in Stockholm



Swedish Escalators

Swedish Escalators at the Metro station Universitetet. They’re running much faster than the German ones.

Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan

Mårten Trotzigs Gränd

Mårten Trotzigs Gränd, the narrowest alley in Stockholm.

Out of Bavaria

  1. About half of the way from Freising to Frankfurt/Hahn is covered with construction sites.
  2. Most parts of the Autobahn have a speed limit.
  3. Swabia is a very hilly region.
  4. Nicotine gums help a smoker to smoke less, and the fellow travellers to avoid health hazards.
  5. Don’t eat pizza at Frankfurt/Hahn.
  6. While landing, the pilot has to turn off the cabin lights to comply with safety regulations.
  7. Flygbussarna bring you from Stockholm-Skavsta Airport to the city. No idea if everyone finally got a place.
  8. There still are subways on a sunday at 2:40 am.
  9. Fried spaghetti with barbecue spice taste good… despite a massive amount of salt.

Ready to go

TripIt found out that we’re going to fly aboard a Boeing 737-800, Google got the route and I made a reservation for a parking lot so everything’s prepared for our trip to Stockholm.

Freising - Frankfurt/Hahn

(Image: Google Maps, Map data ©2007 Tele Atlas)


Preparing for our trip to Stockholm a friend and I ate at IKEA. The man at the table next to us had a yellow toothpick flag in his meat. The text – “Knut” – was quite funny though it was refering to St. Knut’s Day, not the famous polar bear.

Swing back

We’re three again and the flight is booked. Stockholm, we’re coming!

Mood swings

Sylvester in Stockholm. We three had agreed on the flight and were about to book it when one decided she’d rather stay at home… and then there were two.

Plants, marriages and survival tips

  1. Flight Mechanics I is not Flight Mechanics II. The same applies for the exams.
  2. Mechanics exams were longer two years ago.
  3. On a late trip to the botanical garden it’s advisable to visit the greenhouses first.
  4. If you want someone reluctant to come along, you just need to find the right person for asking.
  5. Bavarian politician Gabriele Pauli wants marriage to automatically end after seven years unless it’s been renewed.
  6. Coming back from Sweden to Germany is like switching from a monthly to a strip ticket.
  7. Pizza in TribüHne is inexpensive and tasty.
  8. You better don’t eat anything in China and use tap water only for showering, bottled water for everything else.