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We Believe

Pandora isn’t allowed to provide its service outside the US:

We believe that you are in China

Using Tor sometimes loads the application without playing the music. And sometimes doesn’t:

We believe you are in Germany

Curry Rice

Five times curry rice in one week…

Rice Boss
Rice Boss

German flag in China

Rice Boss
Curry Rice

Tongji in the News

German news site Spiegel Online cites Tongji professor Xie Weida, deputy director of the Railway Institute who says it’s “unlikely” that China will buy the Maglev technology.

An English article can be found at The Earth Times.

Old Man

I’m feeling like an old man. Elbow and jaw are getting better but now I can’t put pressure on my left ankle. Last night, I had to turn off the air conditioning because I didn’t know how to tell it that I wanted hot instead of cold air (works now). It got ice-cold, my cold that’s been on the mend got worse again and I got a cough as well.

I know I was completely healthy when I left Germany.

Perhaps We First Look Out of the Window

Angela Merkel shows us the Bundeskanzleramt. It’s a real pitty that there’s no English version.

Thanks to Frontal21 for digging this up. They also have links to other politician’s videos on their site.

It Appears

My calendar shows the next four weeks. That’s the time left, here in Germany:


Get Them to the UK

I don’t know if it’s really that hard but in Germany we drive on the right side of the street. So if you’re the slowest car on the Autobahn your place is the inner lane and only the inner lane!

Leaving Sweden


Another view of Lappis


Previously mentioned Grillkrydderi

Fried noodles with Grillkrydderi

And the fried noodles I’d usually make with onions, basil, oregano and thyme. But if Grillkrydderi is the only thing available… ;-)


Last combined breakfast and lunch with fried noodles, Kanelbullar, bread and margarine. That was one-week vegan’s first day back in his old life and the first time in Sweden that we could eat Kanelbulle together.

On the way to Universitetet

On the way to Universitetet


Nice light

Flygbussarna terminal

Flygbussarna terminal

Check-in at Stockholm-Skavsta Airport

Check-in at Stockholm-Skavsta Airport

Boeing 737-800, Ryanair

Our plane arrived too late so we had to wait for an hour. The pilot was quite funny, he appologized and assured: “We’ll have you down there as soon as possible.” Then he asked everyone to be seated as soon as possible because: “We have to be airborne in ten minutes.” He didn’t even stop at the beginning of the rollway, just drove around the corner, speeded up and took off.

Weapon aboard

They take away all the nail scissors but sell canned peanuts with these sharp tops. I’d rather be threatened with the scissors.

Frozen car

Frozen car

Burger King vs. Gusticus

Burger King vs. Gusticus. Why is the first one closed at half past midnight?

Fried potatoes

Fried potatoes

Finally home

Finally home

Out of Bavaria

  1. About half of the way from Freising to Frankfurt/Hahn is covered with construction sites.
  2. Most parts of the Autobahn have a speed limit.
  3. Swabia is a very hilly region.
  4. Nicotine gums help a smoker to smoke less, and the fellow travellers to avoid health hazards.
  5. Don’t eat pizza at Frankfurt/Hahn.
  6. While landing, the pilot has to turn off the cabin lights to comply with safety regulations.
  7. Flygbussarna bring you from Stockholm-Skavsta Airport to the city. No idea if everyone finally got a place.
  8. There still are subways on a sunday at 2:40 am.
  9. Fried spaghetti with barbecue spice taste good… despite a massive amount of salt.


Preparing for our trip to Stockholm a friend and I ate at IKEA. The man at the table next to us had a yellow toothpick flag in his meat. The text – “Knut” – was quite funny though it was refering to St. Knut’s Day, not the famous polar bear.

Water Works

Unlike Nanx I was only two hours without water and it was because of renovation works two floors below. But I don’t think that in her case a worker appeared every thirty minutes to look whether the water is finally turned off or to tell that from now on the drain mustn’t be used as well. And I had planned not to stand up until they’re done.

Update: Arrg, there’s no hot water anymore. The best I get is lukewarm. :(

More Equal

When the lady at the doctor’s office had learned that I’m at a private rather than the compulsory health insurance two weeks ago, the next appointment was no longer in January, it was yesterday.

Another one at another doctor today, but the outcome was similar: They didn’t send me into the waiting room where others have been sitting for some time. I was offered a chair next to the reception and led into the doctor’s office soon.

Moral: All humans are equal, as long as they’re at the same health insurance.


Since November 1st you don’t only need a mugshot to apply for a German passport, they also scan your fingerprints…

The fact that Tongji needs the serial number of my passport revealed a minor bug in the passport application software. The number on the screen was not the same as on the print-out and no one knew which of them was correct.

After a while we found out that the field isn’t long enough, the missing characters are just hidden and it’s possible to scroll to the end and show them. So I hope I have all the things they need for the visa.

Old Habit

Same wrong way, same traffic jam, but this time I took the right road back and only lost twenty minutes. So how could that happen again? I usually take the highway when driving home from university and the autobahn when I go to Munich. The problem is that they closed the highway due to road works and I have to take the autobahn in the other direction. Well, I’m not used to that, followed my habit and took the wrong ramp…. twice…. 🙄