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Finding Flashcards



A picture is worth a thousand words. And particularly useful if you don’t know these words. ;-)


Questions About Giant Pandas

We were looking for flashcards but couldn’t find any. The Chinese don’t seem to know them. And on our first day all the shops had closed at 6 pm, even the Foreign Language Bookstore where we wanted to get preprinted ones. But I found something else in another bookstore:

Giant Pandas
Giant Pandas

Did you know that Giant Pandas usually don’t feel carsick?

Hanzi He Fayin

Chinese test tomorrow morning, I’m learning hanzi. It’s impossible. I can mostly recognize and read them and if I see one I know how to write it. But if I shall write one with given pinyin or on my own I’m totally lost.

And I still can’t memorize the tones, not to mention that even if I know the right ones I’m unable to pronounce them. Instead of “two yuan” (liǎng kuài) I say “cold weather” (liáng kuài) and my noodles (miàntiáo) tend to become sanitary napkins (miántiáo).

Twenty Kilograms

It’s a joke, and not a very good one. I don’t know how I should bring the most needed stuff if I am only allowed to take twenty kilograms. Why on earth did I decide to go to China? Why couldn’t I just stay here, keep the apartment, enjoy the semester break, …? Next week the lecture period will start at Tongji. The fun continues.

Hard Time

Preoccupied with Machine Components a friend forbids me to sing “Herzilein”. ;-) Not my kind of music but the two are so funny.


I don’t want to write on my semester thesis, don’t want to study for the exams, don’t want to clear out my appartment and don’t want to go to China. Although I have to admit that the images Jan and Michael took look quite good.