Architects, civil engineers, sportsmen, ...

Because of the dies academicus tomorrow there are many student parties today, but no useful nightlines…

Miss World 2007

Zi Lin Zhang is the first Miss World from China. She was crowned in Sanya, the “Chinese Hawaii”. The landscape looks great, worth a detour?

Counting the days

So many disappointments, so little fun. It’t time for me to leave Munich, Germany. Time to go to Stockholm, Shanghai, wherever.


According to I’m worth $2,457,100. puts my remains at $3,710. So I’ll lose $2,453,390 by dropping dead.

Feel the time

How should one know when 15 minutes are over if one follows another rule that says:

Don’t have any clocks visible to you


UAE Tumblr pointed to FreeRice, a site which helps you to learn English vocabulary and donates ten grains of rice for each word you get right.


(Image: FreeRice)

Reserve your bed

43 Folders cites a resource on how to develop a better sleep hygiene. This point is interesting:

Get up if you have not fallen asleep in 15 minutes and practice a relaxing activity (e.g. handwork, reading a boring book) until you feel sleepy

But my absolute favorite is:

Reserve your bed for sleeping only

Open window

Allergy + sleep + open window in late autumn = Cold :(

The mystery of the black hair

This morning, I found a long black hair on my bathroom floor. How on earth did it get there?

Old habit

Same wrong way, same traffic jam, but this time I took the right road back and only lost twenty minutes. So how could that happen again? I usually take the highway when driving home from university and the autobahn when I go to Munich. The problem is that they closed the highway due to road works and I have to take the autobahn in the other direction. Well, I’m not used to that, followed my habit and took the wrong ramp…. twice…. 🙄

Laundry improvements

No more Aldi tabs and delicates program, Ariel Color & Style rules. 8)

First Lebkuchen

I bought the first Lebkuchen. Christmas’s coming…

Bad skin

I really enjoy all the stories about China. And the helpful advice. I promise not to eat, to drink or to use water. And the good news won’t stop. A friend told me her boyfriend doesn’t look very well when returning from work there: bad skin, …

Last lecture

I’ve already posted this video on my tumblelog, the place where I usually put the things I discover. But this one is really worth being posted again and I can recommend it warmly. Thanks to Michael Arrington for pointing it out.

Carnegie Mellon Professor Randy Pausch, who is dying from pancreatic cancer, gave his last lecture at the university Sept. 18, 2007, before a packed McConomy Auditorium. In his moving talk, “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams,” Pausch talked about his lessons learned and gave advice to students on how to achieve their own career and personal goals.

Separate by color

Same (white) T-shirt, different actor. I accidentally put it to the dark laundry resulting in a new, light grey color. Some bleach should do the job.

Do not tumble dry

If the instructions on a T-shirt say “Do Not Tumble dry” then the T-shirt is not supposed to be in the tumble dryer. Not even for ten minutes. I’ll never ever give away my laundry.

Two Americans, one hookah and the lack of time

  1. Only cool people fly from the USA to Germany for one weekend.
  2. It’s even cooler if they only do it because they want to write an exam here.
  3. Wales has a national football team, Bavaria does not.
  4. The tin foil in a Hookah must not touch the tobacco.
  5. There are mint flavored Hookahs.
  6. The first subway from StuSta leaves at 04:18.
  7. The Allianz Arena is lit up at that time.
  8. There are in fact people who are willing to come to the Volksfest in Freising.
  9. Americans speak better English than I do.
  10. Foreigners are not allowed to teach children under eight years in Taiwan.
  11. 05:16 is either very late or very early.


I’m almost the only one not studying abroad (yet) or doing an internship there but I’m the only one keeping the others posted about what’s going on, or at least I’m trying to. And what’s coming back? Some news from Stockholm and Cambridge, hardly any from Gran Canaria and none from the States.

Bad day

A burglar stole things from a friend, I got the results of an exam that were not as desired, what’s coming next?

Freshmen plans

After one and a half hours of discussing whether it’s possible to do something tomorrow evening we finally agreed to meet at the library. After it closes at 20:00 h we have at most two hours until they need to continue studying. I think that’ll suffice for a warm meal. Don’t know if another friend will come along. They said she resolved to learn eleven hours tomorrow.


The intermediate exams in engineering are tough, no question, but that doesn’t mean you have to learn 24/7. This year’s freshmen are overdoing it a little bit. How could we succeed without brooding over our books all day long? Didn’t we manage to have at least some evenings were we sat together talking?