How to become a movie star


I think I forget something. Some of my friends are major in director (making films) and they need a foreign actor.I think you are the best for the role!Are you willing to come and help them with the short film?


A: One day a foreigner received a postcard from his friend and told him to find some treasure in the old cinemas
So he visited these cinemas and know many different stories but didn’t find any treasure, finally he found the really treasure was this trip
B: but you don’t tell me that I am that foreigner, right?
I just play someone who says “hello” or something and that’s it
A: of cours ure the foreigner
B: aaaaaah
but I am a very, very, very bad actor
A: They’ll tell you how to act, take it easy


A: actually it will be on the TV
B: whaaaat?
which tv?
A: Shanghai Educational Channel
B: na halleluja

I’m B…