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Win Win

I think one of my problems is that I have a conscience. But hey, it’s Christmas. Anyone interested?

Love Actually

And don’t forget about Nanx.

In Love?

Nanx wants to know who’s in love. Are you?

Architects, Civil Engineers, Sportsmen, ...

Because of the dies academicus tomorrow there are many student parties today, but no useful nightlines…

Miss World 2007

Zi Lin Zhang is the first Miss World from China. She was crowned in Sanya, the “Chinese Hawaii”. The landscape looks great, worth a detour?

Counting the Days

So many disappointments, so little fun. It’t time for me to leave Munich, Germany. Time to go to Stockholm, Shanghai, wherever.


According to I’m worth $2,457,100. puts my remains at $3,710. So I’ll lose $2,453,390 by dropping dead.

Feel the Time

How should one know when 15 minutes are over if one follows another rule that says:

Don’t have any clocks visible to you


UAE Tumblr pointed to FreeRice, a site which helps you to learn English vocabulary and donates ten grains of rice for each word you get right.


(Image: FreeRice)

Reserve Your Bed

43 Folders cites a resource on how to develop a better sleep hygiene. This point is interesting:

Get up if you have not fallen asleep in 15 minutes and practice a relaxing activity (e.g. handwork, reading a boring book) until you feel sleepy

But my absolute favorite is:

Reserve your bed for sleeping only

Open Window

Allergy + sleep + open window in late autumn = Cold :(

The Mystery of the Black Hair

This morning, I found a long black hair on my bathroom floor. How on earth did it get there?

Old Habit

Same wrong way, same traffic jam, but this time I took the right road back and only lost twenty minutes. So how could that happen again? I usually take the highway when driving home from university and the autobahn when I go to Munich. The problem is that they closed the highway due to road works and I have to take the autobahn in the other direction. Well, I’m not used to that, followed my habit and took the wrong ramp…. twice…. 🙄

Laundry Improvements

No more Aldi tabs and delicates program, Ariel Color & Style rules. 8)