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Just in case you want to torture someone, here’s what you need. I know what I’m talking about. I’m a victim.

Die Wildecker Herzbuben: Herzilein (According to Wikipedia Wolfgang Gliem, the one with the beard, is the second cousin of Bruce Willis)

Die Flippers: Bye bye Belinda

Die Flippers: Die rote Sonne von Barbados

Semino Rossi: Aber dich gibts nur einmal für mich

Boney M.: Rivers of Babylon

Disclaimer: I want to emphasize that I distance myself from these videos…

Here’s a good one for a positive ending:

Simon and Garfunkel: The Boxer

Swedish Ads

Is it because of this blog or why do I get Swedish facebook ads now?

Swedish Facebook Ads

À propos ads. I don’t know if it’s the same in Germany, it never caught my eye, but Stockholm seems to be flooded with the same couple of ads over and over. Some popular examples:

Ads in the Stockholm Metro
Ads in the Stockholm Metro
Ads in the Stockholm Metro
Ads in the Stockholm Metro

That’s one I’ve only seen once. Looks like a Swedish version of the “Musikantenstadl”.

World of Scores

A friend who had seen “Die große Welt der Filmmusik” (The Great World of Film Scores) earlier this year was delighted, and desperate to attend the sequel. I came along and was thrilled by the Klassik Radio Pops Orchestra and its conductor Nic Raine. The concert ended with two encores and richly deserved standing ovations. Nic Raine and presenter Holger Wemhoff even took the time to sign autographs and chat with the guests.

I dug around YouTube and found videos for most of the scores they had played. Don’t mind the images as they don’t always fit, just listen to the music.


Almost ten years have passed since I’ve first seen the fabulous musical Elisabeth on a cold november evening at the Theater an der Wien. I’ve listened to the live recordings ever since and finally decided to buy the DVD. Some texts differ from the version I’m used to and I even discovered some new songs they must have included in the meantime. I haven’t heard that one before:

I personally prefer Uwe Kröger as Death, who duets with Japanese singer Maki Ichiro in this video where they’re singing in different languages for most of the time:

Update: There’s another great version of Pia Douwes and Uwe Kröger.

MusikSommer 2007

Today the MusikSommer 2007 ended with a great concert of the Sinfonietta, the symphony orchestra of TU München. The Russian evening (“Bajuschki baju”), featuring vocalists as well as a dance group, took place at the Theatron in the great ambience of the Olympiapark.

Sinfonietta at the Theatron
Sinfonietta plays Stroganoff

I regret I didn’t know about the MusikSommer before, there would have been more interesting events. I have to mark it on my calendar for 2009…. Done.