Learn Viennese

Magdalena pointed me to a fan guide for the upcoming European Football Championship. It provides German and English translations of common Viennese expressions. Very funny.

Go to the page and click on “Zur Download-Seite” to download the pdf and/or mp3s or just listen by clicking on “Henkel Fan Guide anhören”.


Almost ten years have passed since I’ve first seen the fabulous musical Elisabeth on a cold november evening at the Theater an der Wien. I’ve listened to the live recordings ever since and finally decided to buy the DVD. Some texts differ from the version I’m used to and I even discovered some new songs they must have included in the meantime. I haven’t heard that one before:

I personally prefer Uwe Kröger as Death, who duets with Japanese singer Maki Ichiro in this video where they’re singing in different languages for most of the time:

Update: There’s another great version of Pia Douwes and Uwe Kröger.