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The story of my life in China is here.

No Day for Movies

I tried to watch Six Days Seven Nights, The Mothman Prophecies and The Right Stuff but couldn’t focus for more than 30 minutes. I’m just not in the right mood for movies, not today.

Parking Space

First day of the new semester, over a thousand freshmen and I had no problem getting a parking space. Wow.

Mac OS X Concerns

There are two main concerns I have about Mac OS: It might not have more features than Linux and it’s a proprietary system.



An autumn day at the Oktoberfest.


Old Habit

Same wrong way, same traffic jam, but this time I took the right road back and only lost twenty minutes. So how could that happen again? I usually take the highway when driving home from university and the autobahn when I go to Munich. The problem is that they closed the highway due to road works and I have to take the autobahn in the other direction. Well, I’m not used to that, followed my habit and took the wrong ramp…. twice…. 🙄

Too Heavy

It’s not that easy to design a supersonic business jet. But we’ve two more days so we’ll make it loses some weight. Otherwise it’ll never make the specified 4000 miles.

Wrong Way

I took the wrong way, landed in a traffic jam, behind an excavator, in the wrong part of the town and finally got back to where I had started thirty minutes before…

Symposium Supersonic Business Jet

First day of the Symposium: Supersonic Business Jet ‘07. After lectures, workshops, discussions and many formulas and charts I know that companies, not sheiks, are our main customers. And that it’s not advisable to put the engines on top of the wings, at least not for supersonic flight.

Laundry Improvements

No more Aldi tabs and delicates program, Ariel Color & Style rules. 8)

First Lebkuchen

I bought the first Lebkuchen. Christmas’s coming…

Bad, Bad RSS

Techcrunch reports that the Chinese Government has blocked all RSS feeds. Luckily, they still seem to be accessible through Google Reader.

Not Allowed

Comment of a physics tutor when I picked up his colleague for a coffee break:

“You are not allowed to be here."

The good man doesn’t know that this was neither the first nor the last time I’ve been there.

Mighty Mouse

I’ve been getting into Apple and Mac OS X for the last days. I might even get this rumored MacBook should it come true.

Today I tried the Mighty Mouse. Odd design but the touch sensor buttons really work. At first I thought it would be some kind of touchpad but you can click it like any other mouse and it decides which click (right or left) to perform on whether you touch the left button or not. It’s very comfortable to use but lacks one important feature: mouse chording.

Bad Skin

I really enjoy all the stories about China. And the helpful advice. I promise not to eat, to drink or to use water. And the good news won’t stop. A friend told me her boyfriend doesn’t look very well when returning from work there: bad skin, …