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Porn and Tuition  

I’ve been following Miriam’s story for a while. Now she writes more about her choice of doing porn to pay for Duke.

But my porn work pays the exorbitant tab for one simple reason: Demand for porn actresses, especially extremely young ones like myself, far exceeds supply. How interesting that the same basic principle explains why my tuition bill is so high in the first place.

Book Strikes Back

Got a paper cut on my finger tip. What really annoys me is the fact that the wrongdoer was my old and highly appreciated mechanics book I was about to lend.

PS: Is this really the hottest question concerning a bleeding paper cut?


UAE Tumblr pointed to FreeRice, a site which helps you to learn English vocabulary and donates ten grains of rice for each word you get right.


(Image: FreeRice)

Good Old Times

When talking about English and French my grandma, born 1921, said she can’t imagine speaking foreign languages having never had the chance to learn at least one. After seven years of elementary school (“Volksschule”) where she had been doing a good job, her parents didn’t have the money to buy school books. So she couldn’t attend high school but started to train as a taylor. She said she always got angry when she heard someone talking about “the good old times”. From her point of view there wasn’t anything like that.