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That's All It's Worth

One month after I sent in the form, I finally got the money for the Vista license. 30 Euro. Not as much as you have to spend if you want to buy it but who wants to get Windows? I wouldn’t use it if I’d get it for free. And I could get it for free as our university offers a legal version on the MANIAC server.

Lenovo EMEA

Lenovo called me back when I was waiting for my appointment to get two more vaccinations. Influenza and Rabies. The friendly man said I get 30 Euro for the Windows license and that he has already sent me the information per mail. Interesting things:

  • According to his contact information he is a Customer Relations Specialist Senior EMEA situated in Slovakia.
  • I shall send in the Anytime Upgrade CD of Vista. My computer came with a hidden partition but no CDs.
  • The pdf form was created October 29th, 2007, so they had dealt with the problem before I called.

I’m really pleased with the Lenovo customer service.

Video in Beta

Skype finally released version 2.0 beta for Linux including video support. Two years after it was first introduced in the Windows version and one year after Mac OS got it…