Multilinguals with multiple personalities

Alice Robb:

It’s surprising, though, that people who are actually fluent in two languages also feel their personality shifting as they switch between languages. Yet researchers have confirmed this: Between 2001 and 2003, linguists Jean-Marc Dewaele and Aneta Pavlenko asked over a thousand bilinguals whether they “feel like a different person” when they speak different langauges. Nearly two-thirds said they did.

My English self is definitely different from my German one.

How old are you?

A friend studying psychology started a Skype chat to ask some friends whether they would take part in an experiment. She was looking for people between 23 and 29 years. Here’s one response:

A: (hi)
not 23 - born xx.4.84, you’re a bit too early :D
B: 1984 is ok
A: I see
C: :^)
A: well, then I’m on board :D
C: you are 23 when you’re born April 1984
you’ll be 24 now :^)
A: I see
C: (shake)
A: I had counted with 24 (blush)
I think I better hide…..

Lego for the cognitive factory

I just returned from an experiment where I got paid for playing with LEGO Technic. Kind of reminded me of how I spent huge parts of my early christmas holidays… However, the thing today had a serious background: A psychology student wants to find the best way of presenting information to untrained workers. That’ll help to enhance the cognitive factory, another project of the CoTeSys cluster of excellence.