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Eat the Dog

I’m allergic and that stupid critter distributes its hair all over the house. :(

Book Strikes Back

Got a paper cut on my finger tip. What really annoys me is the fact that the wrongdoer was my old and highly appreciated mechanics book I was about to lend.

PS: Is this really the hottest question concerning a bleeding paper cut?

Lenovo EMEA

Lenovo called me back when I was waiting for my appointment to get two more vaccinations. Influenza and Rabies. The friendly man said I get 30 Euro for the Windows license and that he has already sent me the information per mail. Interesting things:

  • According to his contact information he is a Customer Relations Specialist Senior EMEA situated in Slovakia.
  • I shall send in the Anytime Upgrade CD of Vista. My computer came with a hidden partition but no CDs.
  • The pdf form was created October 29th, 2007, so they had dealt with the problem before I called.

I’m really pleased with the Lenovo customer service.


According to the pharmacy, the vaccine against Japanese Encephalitis is no longer available. The company is doing more research…

Terrorizing Glasses

Ok, the title’s misleading. It’s not the glasses that terrorized the people, it’s me. But the glasses are the reason. I didn’t see that well with the old ones so I went to my optician. Because I couldn’t decide which ones to take he lend me two of them and I asked everyone I could find for their opinion.

Result: Most people favored the ones I didn’t like that much and the others wanted me to keep mine. I finally got the ones I prefered but I’m not sure it was the right decision. :-(

Nice Change

I think that was the fastest doctor’s appointment I’ve ever had. I left my dentist’s office at most 10 minutes after I entered it. And he had even shown me twenty year old pictures of his Chinese colleagues. Disturbing. But it should be all right in Shanghai, he said.

More Equal

When the lady at the doctor’s office had learned that I’m at a private rather than the compulsory health insurance two weeks ago, the next appointment was no longer in January, it was yesterday.

Another one at another doctor today, but the outcome was similar: They didn’t send me into the waiting room where others have been sitting for some time. I was offered a chair next to the reception and led into the doctor’s office soon.

Moral: All humans are equal, as long as they’re at the same health insurance.


Seeing myself in the mirror, sitting on a bulky, white, upholstered chair with this funny red net holding all the electrodes, wires protruding and hanging around, that was one of the moments where I really regretted that I didn’t bring my camera.


The first of eight appointments at different doctors brought me two vaccinations and the prospect of a good deal more in a biweekly cycle. After that, I’ll resist everything. ;-)

Feel the Time

How should one know when 15 minutes are over if one follows another rule that says:

Don’t have any clocks visible to you

Reserve Your Bed

43 Folders cites a resource on how to develop a better sleep hygiene. This point is interesting:

Get up if you have not fallen asleep in 15 minutes and practice a relaxing activity (e.g. handwork, reading a boring book) until you feel sleepy

But my absolute favorite is:

Reserve your bed for sleeping only

Open Window

Allergy + sleep + open window in late autumn = Cold :(

Birth Defects

Every 30 seconds, a baby with birth defects is born in China. Alarming. I think I better not have a child there.


Seems like my orthopedist is doing acupuncture as well. Two patients were running around with needles in their skin.

Chinese Doctors

I finally got the two Chinese to talk Chinese instead of English. So it’s only a matter of hours until they figure out whether there are doctor’s offices in China or not.