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On Drugs

The Ibuprofen works wonders. For the first time in two weeks I can walk somewhat normal.

600 Mg

Now that my left foot got better the right one started to hurt. How can that be? I’ve been in perfect condition when I left Germany and since then I’ve been struggling with one disease after the other. My German doctor confirmed the diagnosis of the hospital and told me to take 600 mg Ibuprofen twice a day to get rid of the inflammation. That has to help.

Half a Pizza

The restaurant pretended to be Italian but seemed to have mixed up several countries. The music was as french as the pictures on the wall and the pizza seemed American.


Rainy day outside.

Banana shake

Very good banana shake.


Eating half of the pizza took me 45 minutes. I could have eaten more but stopped due to the ongoing pain in my jaw.

Pizza to go

The restaurant was a bit more expensive and the take-away box looks alike.

Shanghai East International Medical Center

My troubling joints led me to Shanghai East International Medical Center in Pudong. I felt been well looked after although I had thought they’d x-ray or do a sonography. According to the doctor the problems might be caused by a virus and should vanish at most six weeks after they began. Let’s hope so.

Shanghai East International Medical Center

I don’t know what Tongji has to do with the hospital.

Shanghai East International Medical Center

The Shanghai East International Medical Center is only one section of a much larger hospital.

Old Man

I’m feeling like an old man. Elbow and jaw are getting better but now I can’t put pressure on my left ankle. Last night, I had to turn off the air conditioning because I didn’t know how to tell it that I wanted hot instead of cold air (works now). It got ice-cold, my cold that’s been on the mend got worse again and I got a cough as well.

I know I was completely healthy when I left Germany.

Hard Mattress

I think I start to feel the consequences. Or why does my right elbow hurt as well as my right jaw?

Chinese Household Remedy


Waxberry against diarrhea.

For the Record

I’m still alive but very sick. Details of the trip to Shanghai will follow.


Finally, the last vaccination. Against Japanese Encephalitis, at the Munich Tropical Institute. The doctor asked me to cough. She said it would suppress the pain stimulus. Never heard of that before.


They turned off the water again. Due to rusty pipes it’s always brown afterwards. Today, it was partly black. I can’t believe the Chinese water can be any worse.

Smoking Ban

Wow, it’s now possible to go to a pub without washing my clothes after only having been there for ten minutes. Why did that take so long?


Having payed 180 Euro, I think I’m prepared for everything to come. Including bad food.

Out of Bavaria

  1. About half of the way from Freising to Frankfurt/Hahn is covered with construction sites.
  2. Most parts of the Autobahn have a speed limit.
  3. Swabia is a very hilly region.
  4. Nicotine gums help a smoker to smoke less, and the fellow travellers to avoid health hazards.
  5. Don’t eat pizza at Frankfurt/Hahn.
  6. While landing, the pilot has to turn off the cabin lights to comply with safety regulations.
  7. Flygbussarna bring you from Stockholm-Skavsta Airport to the city. No idea if everyone finally got a place.
  8. There still are subways on a sunday at 2:40 am.
  9. Fried spaghetti with barbecue spice taste good… despite a massive amount of salt.