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Emergency for Use


“Blessed are the people who take time to understand.who always can be counted on to lend a helping hand.”

Emergency For Use

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Questions About Giant Pandas

We were looking for flashcards but couldn’t find any. The Chinese don’t seem to know them. And on our first day all the shops had closed at 6 pm, even the Foreign Language Bookstore where we wanted to get preprinted ones. But I found something else in another bookstore:

Giant Pandas
Giant Pandas

Did you know that Giant Pandas usually don’t feel carsick?

Atherosclerosis, Bombing and the Heat of Iraq

The menu of a restaurant at Cloud Nine Shopping Mall:


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(Thanks to Karl for the link.)

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Perhaps We First Look Out of the Window

Angela Merkel shows us the Bundeskanzleramt. It’s a real pitty that there’s no English version.

Thanks to Frontal21 for digging this up. They also have links to other politician’s videos on their site.

Learn Viennese

Magdalena pointed me to a fan guide for the upcoming European Football Championship. It provides German and English translations of common Viennese expressions. Very funny.

Go to the page and click on “Zur Download-Seite” to download the pdf and/or mp3s or just listen by clicking on “Henkel Fan Guide anhören”.

Accordingly Outraged

More fun with the the students council:

Bei dem heutigen Gastvortrag (08.30 Uhr - 10.00 Uhr in MW0001) von Herrn Goetzeler von OSRAM wurde ein schwarzes Kästchen als Anschauungsobjekt einer neuen LED-Technik im Publikum herumgereicht. Dieses ist nun verschwunden. Der Referent und Prof. Wildemann sind dementsprechend empört.

At today’s guest lecture (08.30 am - 10.00 am in MW0001) of Mr. Goetzeler from OSRAM, a small black box was handed round the audience as an example of a new LED technique. This is now missing. The speaker and Prof. Wildemann are accordingly outraged.

How Old Are You?

A friend studying psychology started a Skype chat to ask some friends whether they would take part in an experiment. She was looking for people between 23 and 29 years. Here’s one response:

A: (hi)

not 23 - born xx.4.84, you’re a bit too early :D

B: 1984 is ok

A: I see

C: :^)

A: well, then I’m on board :D

C: you are 23 when you’re born April 1984

you’ll be 24 now :^)

A: I see



C: (shake)

A: I had counted with 24 (blush)

I think I better hide…..

Clever Use

Hooray, lifehacker shows us how to open a letter with a pen. Who would have thought this was possible? Watch out for the next episodes about how to do it using a key or, highly audacious, a finger.


One of my professors recorded his lecture last year and instead of driving to Munich I watch these videos. One of them didn’t end with the professor leaving the room, it went on.

There were some wind players, slides with space shuttles and the solar system and then Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Wolfgang A. Herrmann, president of Technische Universität München appeared and started to talk about Prof. Bulirsch. I know that our president likes to call the university, because of its abbreviation TUM, Top University of Munich but I haven’t known that joke yet:

Und dann schließlich zurückberufen, als Ordinarius für Höhere Mathematik an die Technische Hoschschule München die damals gerade schon Technische Universität München hieß und jeder weiß mittlerweile was diese drei Buchstaben bedeuten. Von hinten rein gelesen bedeuten sie, lesen sie sich wie Mut und Mut, denke ich, für die Zukunft, können wir auch haben.

And then finally called back as full professor of higher mathematics to the Technische Hochschule München which was already called Technische Universität München at that time and by now everyone knows what these three letters mean. Read from behind they mean, they read like courage [Mut is German for courage] and courage, I think, is what we can also have for the future.

Without Changes

The students council wrote some weeks ago:

Die Anleitung für das Erstellen des persönlichen Stundenplans zum Hauptstudium wurde überarbeitet und verbessert, jedoch ohne Änderungen.

The manual about creating a personal schedule for the advanced studies has been revised and improved, without changes.