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OpenStreetMap for Beijing

Wow, that was fast. So they came up with a great fourth option. I hope Shanghai will be next.

English Maps, Chinese Maps, Beautiful Maps and No Maps

Google has been offering a Chinese map of Shanghai for quite some time. Not at but at Ditu, 地图, is the Chinese expression for map.

Now I stumbled upon a new, English one:

It doesn’t only show the public transportation but also restaurants, banks, cinemas, theaters, … Here an example of the area around Nanjing Lu:

But the most beautiful maps of Shanghai come from edushi (E都市, E-City):

Bund, Pudong and Old City

Bund, Pudong and Old City (lower left)

Hongkou Stadium and Lu Xun Park

Hongkou Stadium and Lu Xun Park

They have already covered many Chinese Cities and seem to want more.

So why Yahoo, why, why, why don’t you make maps, buy maps or allow the use of one of the above mentioned ones in flickr?

The Police Called

And asked the woman if I use the internet. At least that’s what I understood. Very strange.

The Woman's Advice

Find a Chinese girl because the children will be more beautiful…

Two Animals, a City and No End in Sight

Markenblog and China-Guide pointed out this funny video about Chinese using English names:

It’s really like that. I had the pleasure to meet some interestingly named people as well. Eagle, Success and a friend’s facebook friend is called Ente, German for Duck. And do you know Bayreuth?


Or this waitress at a café:


Tomato and Egg

I stumbled upon this picture of a common dish around here (although I’ve never seen it with onions):

Stir Fried Egg and Tomato

While I still don’t like the version they serve in the Tongji Cafeteria, I’ve eaten quite good ones in the meantime.

Su-Lin, the cook and photographer, posted the recipe in her blog. I haven’t tried it yet but you can do it. And if you want to enjoy the real Chinese experience just get tomatoes that are not yet ripe or contain black spots or holes and don’t cut them away. :-P


When I saw the final of the Euro 2004 in the Bierzelt of a small town in Bavaria, I would have never thought where I’d end up four years later…

Network Cable

NULL encryption just worked once. With help of the lrz I’m about to narrow down the problem. Today I bought a new network cable and for now I can use VPN. In case it stops working again, I got three more points on my list. But I hope the best.

NULL Encryption

No news from the lrz. They didn’t even bother to reply. Today I played around and checked “Allow using NULL encryption” in the configuration dialog. For the moment, VPN works. I hope it’ll last.

Animal Oil

A friend said all the noodle people use animal oil because it’s cheaper. Aaaaaaarg. Bu hao. Hen bu hao. I will never be able to eat noodles again. We had just found a noodle woman a few weeks ago and last week I thought she used animal oil. Now I know…

Hurry Up, LRZ

Would be great if the lrz could finally fix the problems with their VPN server that I’ve reported over a month ago. The golden shield prevents me from accessing several sites. This blog is one of them.



The tenthousandst picture I took with this camera since I got it for Christmas 2006 shows a ship on Huangpu River and the Oriental Pearl Tower in Pudong seen from Gucheng Park.

Third Chance

I’ve tried twice but never got beyond two posts. With me being in Shanghai and twitter’s increasing popularity I’m thinking about giving it a third chance. Let’s try it for a few days.

No Hanzi on the Cell Phone

no hanzi on the cell phone

I get several of these messages per week. Mostly from China Mobile.

no hanzi on the cell phone

Perhaps I’ll get a new cell phone if I decide to stay longer.

Labor Day, Work on Sunday

Because of Labor Day on Thursday Tongji moved the classes from Friday to Sunday giving us three days off. The downside is that we have to go to school on Sunday. At first I thought it was a joke but it’s obviously not.