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Chinese Mobile App UI Trends  

Dan Grover does a good job of summing up what’s going on with Chinese mobile apps these days.

Why So Many Koreans Are Called Kim  

Koreans all have the same name because their ancestors wanted to be part of the royal bloodline.

Origins of the V-Sign  

Stephanie Burnett tries to find the origins of the omnipresent V-sign.

Go Live in China  

“Everyone should live In China at least once”, writes Andrea Xu:

And when you return to the States, or wherever you are from, you’re going to be a different person. You will have stories. Stories of rickshaw drivers, of baijiu, of tonal mishaps, of being ripped off, of babies defecating on the street, of those euphoric moments where living in China for this brief period was worth it. You won’t regret it.

Everyone should live in China at least once.

I couldn’t agree more.

Japanese Elisabeth

I like to listen to the Japanese version of “Elisabeth” (without understanding a single word). This video gives a great overview over the best songs.

Check out this playlist if you want to listen to more.

Japanese Car Names

That’s how to pronounce them.

Chinese, on the Inside  

New York Times:

Catie and Kimberly were adopted from China by a couple from Maine, who attempt to pass on a culture they’ve never known firsthand.


Nick and Mia meets [sic] for the first time. They know nothing about each other and seem to know everything about everyone else. But sometimes the less you know, the better…

I love Korean movies.

The World C. 1914  

In commemoration of the outbreak of the First World War, the Martin-Gropius-Bau is presenting an exhibition entitled The World c. 1914. Colour Photography Before the Great War, which features nearly forgotten colour photographs and films commissioned by the French banker Albert Kahn (1860-1940) before the First World War.

I would like to see this exhibition. It keeps fascinating me how little has changed in the last one hundred years. We wear other clothes, have more gadgets but the basic things of everyday life are still the same. You see pictures of people just like you and me. And they’ve been gone for decades. Color photography gets us a bit closer to this bygone world.

See more pictures at Spiegel Online.


Volcanic eruptions created a new island near Nishino-shima. Both islands joined late last year. They are now firmly linked.

A New Font  

Google and Adobe teamed up to create an open source font for Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK).

Google shares some more information on its blog. Check out how different the same character can look in the different countries.

Inside the Cult of Kim  

Associated Press photographer David Guttenfelder shows the life in North Korea.