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Shanghai, a 195-Gigapixel Panorama  

Chinese Chingkun Tech crated a 195-gigapixel panorama of Shanghai:

After taking photos in the Oriental Pearl Tower which is 230 m high and after data treatment for two months, we successfully created this picture, the world’s third largest picture and Asia’s first largest picture, marking that our team became a top creative image production team of the world.

I found my old appartment building, my university, friends’ houses, … Pure nostalgia…

Coronavirus: What’s Behind Vietnam’s Containment Success?  

Chris Humphrey writing for the South China Morning Post:

“Vietnam responded to this outbreak early and proactively. Its first risk assessment exercise was conducted in early January – soon after cases in China started being reported,” Park says.

I’m impressed with Vietnam’s reaction to this crisis. They closed cinemas, bars, karaoke parlors early, then restricted access to restaurants and finally closed everything that’s not absolutely necessary.

The Life of a Backpacker in Asia in the 1970s  

Wired co-founder Kevin Kelly was a backpacker before being a backpacker was a thing.

I knew nothing about Asia, or even travelling; I had never even been out of New England. I knew nothing about what to expect. I went to the bookstores and it was really hard to find any information. There were these Fodor’s guidebooks for people who had a lot of money. I didn’t have any money. They barely covered places like Taiwan, so these books weren’t of any use to me. There was no internet, of course, and the libraries didn’t have much. I travelled kind of blindly because I had to.


Also check out the behind the scenes video:

Old-Fashioned Rice Cookers Are Extremely Clever

How a simple rice cooker uses the physical properties of water and magnets to cook perfect rice.

The Bro Code  

Booze, Sex, and the Dark Art of Dealmaking in China

The Rise of the Red Prince  

How Xi Jinping took control of China.

What Is It Like Living in Hong Kong vs Singapore?  

I like both cities but I’m not sure I could live in Hong Kong. It’s so narrow and crowded.

Still the Water

I love the movie and I love the soundtrack.