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Having payed 180 Euro, I think I’m prepared for everything to come. Including bad food.

Still Want to Study Here?

A Tongji representative wrote me an email telling me that she had found out I wanted to study at their university this spring semester. She wanted to know if I still intend to do it. In this case I should mail them the attached forms. There were no forms, and I already applied in December. The documents which I hope contain the admission haven’t arrived yet. How long can it take a letter to get from Munich to Freising?

Salt Sticks

A Chinese friend suggests taking salt sticks to China because – according to her – I won’t be able to eat anything else during the first weeks and they’re not available in Shanghai.


Preliminary discussion of the thesis I’ll write in China. They told me to stop the moment I think it’s getting too dangerous…


The TUM International Office called before. They got my Chinese documents. The admission? Why didn’t I get it myself? And how can it be delivered in only three days including the weekend? I better wait and book the flight tomorrow.

Two or Three Days

I still don’t have the admission to Tongji. According to the friendly woman, they sent them out out on Friday so I should get mine in two or three days.

The Beginning

Took off the harddisk. In the external case I can transfer the most important files to the laptop and take the rest with me to China. With all my things gone, my computer feels so strange now.

Eat the Dog

I’m allergic and that stupid critter distributes its hair all over the house. :(

Santa in Shanghai

NORAD just tracked Santa in Shanghai:

Santa in Shanghai

Now he’s in Kowloon.

Water Works

Unlike Nanx I was only two hours without water and it was because of renovation works two floors below. But I don’t think that in her case a worker appeared every thirty minutes to look whether the water is finally turned off or to tell that from now on the drain mustn’t be used as well. And I had planned not to stand up until they’re done.

Update: Arrg, there’s no hot water anymore. The best I get is lukewarm. :(

Jan in Germany

Jan made a detour back home and told me interesting stories about the life in China…. You can find some of them in his blog.

Rice and Fries

A Chinese friend told me that she has been eating rice twice a day for twenty years. Halleluja. And I thought this is one of these prejudices. But I also thought it couldn’t take three hours to buy, cook and eat french fries…


All documents sent to China. I didn’t apply for the dorm and hope I can find an appartment in this compound.


According to the pharmacy, the vaccine against Japanese Encephalitis is no longer available. The company is doing more research…