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Why you hate work

Excessive demands are leading to burnout everywhere.

We often ask senior leaders a simple question: If your employees feel more energized, valued, focused and purposeful, do they perform better? Not surprisingly, the answer is almost always “Yes.” Next we ask, “So how much do you invest in meeting those needs?” An uncomfortable silence typically ensues.

Good Product Team / Bad Product Team

Marty Cagan knows what he’s talking about.

You could summarize: Good product teams care about the product, bad teams care about their paycheck.

A rare peek inside Amazon’s massive wish-fulfilling machine

Through the engineering of its fulfillment centers, Amazon has built the world’s most nimble infrastructure for the transfer of things. We step inside to see how the formidable system works.

This is CGI

This is your semi-regular reminder that CGI is at or beyond the point of absurdity, that everything on the Internet is fake, that there is no spoon, etc.

The voltron theory of casual dating

In the absence of one good partner, an actively dating single person will naturally construct a corpus of complementary partners who, if assembled into one giant Voltron partner, would be his or her ideal boyfriend or girlfriend.

Oh, yes.

Fury 325

It’s fascinating to see what Werner Stengel made possible.

Why do we kiss?

I would never have linked kissing with mouth-to-mouth feeding.


This is what the future looks like.

Jeff Bezos' Regret Minimization Framework

Jeff Bezos:

And the framework I found which made the decision incredibly easy was a, […] what I call though what only a nerd would call, a regret minimization framework. So I wanted to project myself forward to age eighty, and so came out looking back on my life, I wanna have minimized the number of regrets I have.

I love this.

To fall in love with anyone, do this

Mandy Len Catron:

More than 20 years ago, the psychologist Arthur Aron succeeded in making two strangers fall in love in his laboratory. Last summer, I applied his technique in my own life, which is how I found myself standing on a bridge at midnight, staring into a man’s eyes for exactly four minutes.

Very interesting.

How Lego became the Apple of toys

I didn’t know how much customer research Lego is doing.

The surprising solution to being more productive at work: slow down

Joseph Stromberg:

This research has produced a number of specific tips: things you should do — or not do — to maximize the effectiveness of the hours you spend working. Here’s a brief guide.

Kim Jong Un flying planes

For Kim Jong Il’s son, looking at things is not enough.

Swapping batteries with Gogoro

Greg Kumparak:

To simplify what the company pitches as a complex, many-year plan, Gogoro is making two things for now: an electric scooter they call Smartscooter, and a battery swapping infrastructure to power it.

This is a very interesting concept.