Google domains

Greg Kumparak:

Google is promising full phone support for Google Domain customers, making it one of very, very few Google products with a support number tied to it.

And that’s the problem with Google.

Years ago I bought domains via the free version of Google Apps for your Domain. I wanted to cancel one of them but the “renew subscription” checkbox would always changed its state back to checked. There was no way to contact Google. I posted on Google+, wrote people working at Google, called the Google office in Munich. No way.

I had to use the free trial and upgrade my account to the paid version in order to get a human to talk to me.

I hated that experience and moved all my domains to GoDaddy. Only then, Google would send an E-Mail with a telephone number. And up to now I get E-Mails like this one:

Our records indicate that the payment for registering your domain [DOMAIN] was unsuccessful.

Payment failures happen for a variety of reasons (such as insufficient funds or an expired card). You can update your payment information to resolve the issue.

Please log in to your account and update your payment information. If you take no action, your domain will not be renewed on [DATE].

There is no domain…

So for me, Google and domains has been a very, very unpleasant experience. Not sure I want to trust them with a new one.