Stockholm, day two

Closed Lidl in Stockholm.

Lidl, closed again.

Pastry at 7-Eleven

Pastry at 7-Eleven. The famous Kanelbullar are on the left side.

Bananas in a Swedish shop

All the little shops seem to sell bananas.

Noodles with Feta

Noodles with feta. My fellow travellers, a vegan and a one-week vegan, preferred to order it without cheese.

Sergels Torg at night

Sergels Torg at Night. I have yet to see Stockhom when it’s not dark…

How to use emergency breaks in the Stockholm Metro

How to use the emergency brakes in the Stockholm Metro. The question is: Why do you need an emergency break if it doesn’t stop the train?

Escalators with displays

The same Swedish escalators, but this time the displays show more information. I couldn’t take a picture of the one saying it didn’t work but a technician was on its way.

How to use an escalator

How to use an escalator.